Friday, 23 January 2015

Shiny & Brite Embroidery Almost Finished

I'm happy Crab Apple Hill Studio's Shiny & Brite hanging is almost done, that is the embroidery part of it.  I have started the really fun part, adding the shiny to the brite, namely the sparkle floss embellishing some of the ornaments.  Pardon the un-ironed condition...

What a fun project this has been.  I am thinking now of which border to sew for it; so many choices for lovely patchwork blocks to choose from.  The folks at Crab Apple Hill Studio used a pinwheel block to surround theirs. They also found a red and blue snowflake motif fabric to further decorate the borders.  It all coordinated beautifully. A wonderful model.

I am held up on this aspect; can't go to the basement sewing room just yet.  It is unheated and just too cold these days to do more than a quick run in and out to pick up something.  My new sewing machine still sits on the dining room table for the same reason.
Oh well, lots to look forward to.