Saturday, 10 January 2015

Winter Winds and Warming Up with Red River Cereal

We hit a new low for inside house temperature this morning....10 degrees.  It was a quick run to the bathroom; not sure my feet actually touched the floor!
All four of us- myself,  Hubby and both dogs, spent the morning in the kitchen close to the wood stove; it was cozy and a big bowl of hot oatmeal was definitely in order.

I always add a quarter cup of Red River cereal to our regular rolled oats.  It offers 5 grams of flax per serving and is high in fibre.  It conveniently cooks in the same time as the oatmeal.  I also always add a few cranberries. As I've said before, I believe in their goodness and love the taste.

Winter wind, aka Old Man Winter, keeps blowing our way and he plunges the temperatures ever lower.  We just recorded a low of  minus 31 C overnight. Chilly indeed.
I have been refilling the feeders more often trying to help my bird friends survive this cold snap.

 I saw this little mourning dove huddled under the bush at the far feeder.  Of the dozen or so that visited all summer, we are down to just two.  I'm thinking they should have moved further south too but for some unknown reason, did not.  Hopefully, our sunflower seeds will help them keep warm and thus survive.