Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wolf Moon and Practice, Not Perfection

Did you know the first full moon of a new year is called a Wolf Moon?  Some cultures call it the Cold Moon and I'm not surprised by that.  January here in Canada and any moon will be guaranteed to be cold.
 I guess there is lots of symbolism attached to the name Wolf Moon.  My face book page lit up with photos friends had captured of the Wolf Moon yesterday and they were breathtaking. I just love facebook when that happens. Here is one taken in the UK.

A Most Beautiful Image of the 'Wolf Moon'

Meanwhile back here on earth, I thought of showing you something much more mundane.

A section of a tablecloth I made for Christmas 2012...  I was specifically trying to practice triangles and getting all the points, a challenge for me.  I'm terrible at the fiddly bits, as you can tell.  But whenever I get discouraged about my result, I remind myself that is what practice is for; it does not mean perfection.
Actually I think my skills have improved since then; at least I hope so!