Saturday 3 January 2015

The Warmth of Wood

So here is my number one post of 2014...all about wood and heating with wood.  I'm a little disappointed that none of my posts about what I am stitching, knitting or crocheting made it to the top 5.  Perhaps I should be writing about wood heating!!

It has begun, winter that is.
 Parts of Ontario have snowfall warnings, but not for us here in the Ottawa Valley. Though it has been freezing overnight lately, no snow just yet.  I don't  mind the snow but I hate to have to drive in it.  We have been steadily getting wood, or I should say Hubby has been.  He cuts down any old or rotten trees on the property, and has that supplemented by a load or two from a local farmer who makes some money cutting and selling wood from his property.

We heat our house all winter with wood, a brand new thing for me.  I was always accustomed to furnace heating either electric or oil.  But since moving here to Hubby's I've become a wood convert and surprised myself by how much I like it.  I love not having to worry about heating costs or the furnace breaking down.

Here is what approximately seven cords of wood looks like.  We always have it piled in the garage with the overflow down in the wood shed.  We've been having a fire now for the past couple of weeks.

Murphy and Rex love lying in front of the wood stove.  It is literally the hottest spot in the house so you'd think it would be just a tad too warm there but no, they love it.  Hubby's sofa faces this stove too and it is his favourite spot for his naps, too.

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