Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I Made Rock Recipe's Lemon Velvet Cake

I bought a bag of lemons to use in cooking...caesar salad, Greek potatoes, other dressings and to flavour my water.  I love the taste of real squeezed lemon juice and believe there is goodness in it too.  I was looking through one of my favourite blogs... Rock Recipes by Barry C. Parsons and came across his beautiful Lemon Velvet Cake and thought, I have lemons; I can make this.  Cake for dessert after Sunday night's roasted pork dinner.  Yum.

I decided to divide the batter between three shallow pans to make a three layer cake.  With an icing that includes 8 cups of icing sugar and a block of real butter, I knew there would be lots to cover three layers.

                                                              That's a lot of icing!

I try not to over bake cookies and cake.  So while the tops are a little pale, I was happy to see the bottoms a nice baked brown.

Yes, lots of icing to cover this cake, that's for sure.  With the lemon essence and extra lemon zest, it is definitely lemony.  A nice change from the Christmas fruit cakes.  It looked summery to me, a nice thought in mid- January, for sure.

 It really is a delicious recipe and Barry's site is well worth exploring.  All his recipes are doable and his photos are spectacular.  Here is the link right to his Lemon Velvet Cake...