Monday, 5 January 2015

Snow Bound and Stitching

With a winter storm warning in effect, it was a great excuse to stay indoors. I had a lot of tidying to do especially in the dining room.  It is no longer our Christmas closet.

A look out the window; wind gusts blowing the snow around.  Brrrr....

I had refilled the feeders, but these little juncos were so still I worried they had frozen.  I marvel at how these tiny things can survive such weather conditions.  But they do!

A Snowy Day...Great Excuse to Sit and Stitch

In the Shiny and Brite project is hooped and I have about half of the stitching done.  I had used a paper towel to cover and with gentle swipes of a hot iron, heat-set the crayoned areas.  I am using back stitch and running stitch to outline the ornaments.

I felt sorry for the dogs being housebound so I did take them out for a wintry walk in the late afternoon.  Bundled up and covered in snow head to toe by the time I got home, I looked exactly  like the abominable snowmen my ten year old grand son loves to talk about.