Thursday, 8 January 2015

DMC Embroidery Floss Fan

I'm stitching my Shiny and Brite project for a couple of hours each day.
A new development...have been having an ache in my neck so I've had to limit how long I spend with head bent over my cloth.  A sign of the age, I guess.
 But I'm aided in this effort a little by how dark the evenings are...I've given up stitching at night in the meantime.  Which is probably good for my neck as well as my stitches.  A little novel for me to actually watch t.v.

I'm a DMC floss fan.  In particular, I'm fond of the variegated threads like these...

And I really love the reds...

I think  these have very much suited a design like Shiny and Brite because the ornaments would show different shades of colours as they turn and reflect the light.
DMC has a wonderful site that is one I check out from time to time.  A link is here
They offer hundreds of free patterns and tutorials on a wide array of projects. I also read the DMC blog by Emma who is talking Valentine's these days and includes a number of projects from various sites featuring a heart theme like the one below from the wonderful Stitching Dreams site.  I follow that site too by the way.