Friday, 16 January 2015

Notes to Self

I don't really think too much about aging, per se.  I've usually tried to ignore the small changes and adjustments, certainly not to make a big deal about anything.  Maybe I should start paying attention....

Notes to Self : Revised Version

1. Take off your reading glasses before you  begin to walk.  I can't believe I have to remind myself of this but every now and then I'm walking and wondering why the floor is wavy...oh dear.  My case of slipitis continues so you'd think I would remember to take off the darn glasses.

2.  You don't have to do your workout on the days you are babysitting younger grandson.  You will get enough activity following, chasing, lifting, climbing in and out of forts, and rolling around on the floor with him...

                                And here he is trying to stand on his head.  

3.  Don't think that by mentally challenging yourself to remember something that you won't.  By the time you get to the store you won't remember what size washer it was Hubby wanted or which date is which appointment so can't book whatever then. 
 Give up on the mental challenge; it's not working for you.  Just write down what you are supposed to remember and save yourself the aggravation.

4. Go to the rest room whenever you have the chance.  Don't think that you can make it till you get home.  Having to find a McDonald's in a panic just to use the ladies room is ridiculous.
However, you're in good company with this note because Prince Charles has said it was also advice his mother gave him, and she's the Queen.

One of my favourites quotes of his many  from a favourite author.