Monday, 12 January 2015

Gone Girl and Still Alice....Words to Film

We recently watched the movie versions of Gone Girl and Still Alice.  Having read both these books, I was interested in how they would fare on the big screen.
Funny, but I had pictured exactly a Ben Affleck type for the the main character in Gone Girl and I think of Rosamund Pike as a natural beauty so I love watching her face on screen. Positives for me for sure.
 I think Rosamund's performance stood out even among such a good cast who all were definitely 'on their game'.  She really can project a coolness and mystery which worked so well as Amy Dunne.  Something about her as a blonde made me keep thinking of Grace Kelly.  While I enjoyed the movie far more than the book, hubby absolutely loved this movie.  He loved the mystery, the way you are kept guessing as to what exactly is going on.
But watch any Dateline Mystery these days and you will see real life examples of Amy and Nick, couples who appear to be perfect on the surface, but upon closer inspection, reveal flaws, deception, debt and much worse.

I had not imagined Alec Baldwin or Julianne Moore  for  the lead characters in Still Alice.  I had not pictured movie star types as I read the book; thinking professors more mundane I guess.   I surprised myself by really enjoying Kristen Stewart's performance and thought she was perfectly cast for that role.  She has a bit of a surly look to her and the complete lack of smiles just adds to that impression.   It's a given that Julianne Moore always delivers a wonderful performance no matter which of her numerous roles we have seen her in.

 Early-onset Alzheimers; what a tough subject. Some of you might not enjoy any book or movie dealing with this horrible affliction.  I know hubby said he would never have watched the movie with me if he had known what it was about.  He finds it just flat out depressing no matter how cleverly handled.