Tuesday, 30 December 2014

1 Day and 6 Hours Before a New Year

Good Health and Good Cheer  To You All

I am fond of these old-fashioned nostalgic images.  They remind me of the illustrations that accompanied the stories in the old school readers, many of which to this day, I  remember.  We are 1 day and 6 hours away from a new year. I will spend the Eve itself with grandson while his mom gets the rare opportunity to kick up her heels.  Yes, I think the festivities for me will be a movie and Chinese food and then trying out his new games.   I think this will make me feel a certain measure of contentment; this is important because how you feel on the first day of a new year supposedly foretells how the year will go for you.  So do your best to feel positive thoughts, and what ever else, don't cry.  That is supposed to be the worse way to begin a new year.

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