Sunday, 21 December 2014

New Kubota Snow Blower Put to Work

Snowy days here now.  Pretty from the inside looking out, isn't it?
 I took the dogs up the trail after this snowfall and had a good time trying to identify snow tracks.  Two deer had used our path all the way along and I could see where they went around the lower hanging fir branches that draped across the path.  I guess deer don't couchy down to get under branches.
Hubby was eager to try out his new tractor/snow blower.  He was ever so sorry to say good-bye to the 30plus year old John Deere, which had served him well,  but was very  pleased with the performance of his new Kubota.  It is a much lighter and easier to manuever machine.

                            We'll have the cleanest driveway this winter!

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