Monday, 8 December 2014

No Fashionistas Living Here

Yes, winter has begun in southern Canada.  We are finding the night closing in earlier and earlier and though only shutting down daylight by minutes each day, it is making it quite dark by  4:30 in the afternoon.  Here in the northern hemisphere we are moving closer to the shortest day of the year which is only two weeks away, December 21.
For me this means wardrobe changes...flannel sheets on the bed, flannelette pyjamas,  fleece clothing, corduroy pants, wool socks.   Hubby is permanently in his quilted jackets around the house and his RCMP fur hat when outside.  Even the dogs wear coats for their walks when the temperatures take a dip.  Yes we take staying warm seriously!
  I scan LL Bean and Lands End for clothing suitable for the extremely low temperatures we will see before winter's end. These days I have an eye out for a full length down-filled coat; I want warmth but it must be light and it must have a hood.
 No, not exactly trendy; let's face it, you can only be so fashionable in a hooded parka. Warmth must supercede fashion when it comes to Canadian winters. 
Predictions are that we will have our  normal winter here but Canada in general will experience warmer temperatures because of a mild El Nino effect.  Now wouldn't that be nice.

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