Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How Do You Tag Mice?

I glanced out the living room window checking on the bird feeder and saw this little lump of a thing on the ground under it.  I watched for awhile before realizing it was a mouse, then I could see it was gray.  I believe it is the same fellow that had been there back in the fall...I showed you photos of him scrambling around the trunk of the birch tree.
 So a couple of things..he is still alive and why is he checking out this in broad daylight ... again.  I thought mice were nocturnal creatures and completely shy of light.  Not this little guy.  He seemed unaware of his vulnerability, just happily chewed away for about ten minutes before truddling back the way he had come and disappeared under the concrete steps of the house (again).  
My humane trap, by the way, is gathering an average of a mouse a night.  We have had to figure out other release spots thinking the wood pile must be nearing its quota of mice living there.  I'm beginning to think we are maybe catching the same ones over and over; they certainly all look the same.  Hubby thinks we should tag them somehow to get to the bottom of it.  But how?
I would be concerned that we are being overrun if it were not for an article in the paper this week.  Apparently it is a good year for mice.  Reportings of mice have skyrocketed and the exterminators are doing a booming business.  (Silver lining to every cloud)  People who have never had a mouse are freaking out by now finding them in their kitchens, so it is not just me and my somehow extra tasty cupboards.
 Feel a little better now.
And investing in more screw-topped containers all the time.

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