Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beautiful Wool from Madawasca Weavers

I know I've been banging on about the cold in our days lately.  But there are up sides to this time of year too.  What a great excuse for turning to the comfort food recipe sections, sipping hot chocolate or baking potatoes in the wood stove.  They are so yummy that way. Or just hanging out with a good book in front of that fire which is exactly where I am as I write this.
 There is something about being outside in the cold that makes you appreciate the warmth of your home and the small creature comforts we have there.  
Wool season definitely and here is some I found in a box in the basement ....what to make?

It is very soft wool and a pleasing steel blue shade...perhaps a scarf or shoulder shawl.  Lazy me must see the end in sight before I begin to know that I will finish it!

I was surprised to read what was on this tag included with the wool.  Decades back, one of my friends in university was sporting a gorgeous skirt one day, brown with a wide gold coloured band around the tail (colours of the late sixties, for sure)  and I oohed and ahhed over it.  She proudly told me it was from Madawaska Weavers like I should know who they were, which I didn't.  I haven't heard of them from that day to this.  I guess they went out of business in the eighties but while operating set a standard for quality woolen goods.  These items were mostly woven by women in their homes providing them with income and shoring up a small cottage industry.

Vintage 1950s woven wool skirt & scarf set
Here is a sampling of items made by the Madawasca Weavers still available to buy on etsy.   This skirt is similar to the one in my mind.   Ebay also has a selection of  their clothing for sale.  I guess these good woolen  pieces were woven to last, that's for sure.

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