Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hope, A Patient With Cancer, Gets Her Wish

I just read that the Salvation Army Kettle Drum Drive has met its goal of money raised for the season.  They were worried earlier that the goal had seemed out of reach this year. They rely on the Christmas campaign to fund their mandate of helping those in need or distress throughout the year so it is very important.
It made me think about how much we complain about Christmas being commercialized and how we are moving steadily away from the 'reason for the season'.
 But yet, there is still power in Christmas.  And it is this power that moves people to give.  Our local papers have been peppered with stories about people giving and giving...
                                           toys wrapped and ready for kids of needy families
                                           the many, many turkey drives
                                           all the hampers of food collected
                                           blood collection drives
even the humane societies are thanking the public for the response to their Christmas campaigns. So animals too will benefit from the spirit of Christmas.
 So there is still power, wonder- making power in Christmas, no denying that.

I invite you to read this story about a woman named Hope and the wish her friends gave her this Christmas.


Hope King says she wanted children in Harbour Grace to know the thrills of sledding at Christmas.

  Hope, a patient with terminal cancer, gets to go sledding like a kid again.

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