Sunday, 14 December 2014

From Paper to Cloth of a Design

I'll share my process for getting an embroidery pattern onto my cloth.  Here is the design of  Crabapple Hill Studio's Shiny and Brite taped to my light box.  The light box has made this part so much easier than the days when I would use the window to trace designs!

This particular pattern is on the large side as the finished size of the hanging is almost 50 inches square.  It came in two pieces that had to be matched and overlapped.

My cloth spread over the design and traced with my Micron 005 pens.  I always buy these at Michael's using their 40% off coupon each week.  I like to use these pens because the design will last throughout handling and they don't smudge like pencil marks will.  At this size, 005, the markings are very fine and will easily be covered by the floss when embroidering.

 I want you to see this photo.  White fabric was suggested in the instructions and I chose this tone on tone from my stash.  It is white white with a tiny flower superimposed that is not that noticeable in ordinary light.   But on the light box the flowers suddenly jumped out making it a little harder to trace the design.  I had not thought of that, but while a little distracting, it worked out okay in the end.
I just uncovered my box of crayons so will begin the crayoning today.  What fun!

You can check out Crabapple Hill Studio at this link; their patterns are lovely, many seasonal, with themes for everyone, it seems.  Their Winter section is my favourite.  See what you think.

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