Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Stocking and My Pet Cardinal

I got side tracked from my colouring to finish off the bits of embroidery on grandson's stocking.  I decided to include his name, a snowman, a tree and snowflakes;  I also sewed on two hearts to represent his parents who love him so very much.
I still have a bunch of wrapping to do.  I like to take my time with it and enjoy the process, play Christmas music and sip a mug of cocoa.
This afternoon when I glanced out the window I caught sight of this little guy again.
I'm sure he is the same cardinal I spy from time to time.

He is very cautious and you can see stuck to the bush line in the garden.  He never did join all the birds at the feeder and after darting from the tree to the ground a few times, flew away.  But I was left feeling ever so lucky to have gotten to see him again.  and

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