Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Stocking and Stars

This was a cute idea my daughter thought of doing.  She wanted to make grandson a Christmas stocking  this year so she took squares from her favourite sleepers he wore as a baby, sewed them together and made this patchwork stocking.  It was fun to see the Santa belt from the tiny Santa sleeper he wore on his first Christmas Day at just over a month old.  She's handed it along to me to put a few embroidered embellishments on it.
The only challenge with this project is that so many sleepers are made of stretchy material which is tricky to cut and sew accurately.  I'm attempting to work a few Christmas motifs using surface type embroidery and I'm also finding it a challenge to lay stitches neatly.  However, I'm sure it will be a wonderful keepsake over the years.

And here are a few embroidered Christmas stars I made ready to attach to gifts.  The dining room has become Christmas central.  I'm bringing everything to the table there to keep in mind what I've bought and stored away.  I don't want to find in July something in the back of a bedroom closet that I meant for a Christmas gift.
By the way, I have done that....several times.

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