Monday, 15 December 2014

Steve Jobs and Heavy Lifting Topic

A few years back I took a special course involving palliative care.  This was interesting on many levels and I enjoyed exploring all the activities the leader set out for us.  One of the final sessions dealt with a topic I had never in my life thought of.  How would you want your last day on earth to go...assuming of course, you know it is your last day.
Who would you want to be with you?
Where would you like to be?
This session was solemn and surprisingly emotional.  Some people cried as we shared our ideas.  For some it inspired memories of loved ones and how" last days" had been spent whether good or bad.  
How could you know it is your last day?  The idea of assisted suicide is being vigorously debated at present here in Canada.  A number of prominent doctors and politicians have weighed in on the issue representing both sides with compelling arguments.  This issue has been around for many years, but lately there seems to be more momentum to allow a legal avenue for folks to pursue.  Maybe because we have more older citizens than ever before, many of them coping with degenerative conditions or chronic pain, means this topic is not going to go away anytime soon.
I came across this quote and thought it had some meaning, in light of my thoughts this morning.  I reviewed what I've done so far in this day...started the fire, worked out, made breakfast, wrote my blog, played ball with the dogs, and later while dinner is cooking, I hope to finish colouring my Shiny and Brite pattern because I can't wait to get a needle into it.  Pretty mundane overall, but it is exactly what I would want to be doing today, yes, I really think so.  

I'm not particularly a big Steve Jobs fan, but I do believe he tried to make each day count for something important to him.

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