Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chance of a Snow Day

First thing this morning....
hoisting wood from the garage to the kitchen.  I always overdo and bring in too much at a time.  Winter has set in I would have to say in earnest.  We've been registering below freezing temperatures both night and day for the last week or so.  The snow fall is staying, covering all the ground so we are back to feeding the wood stove constantly to heat the house.  We have a weather watch in effect, with a significant snowfall expected by tonight.  Grandson was hoping for a snow day today but I heard on the radio that the school buses are running.  He has hope still....hope that tomorrow which also is predicted to be snowy will bring a snow day...the first of the season. 

Rex is my companion, moral support I guess you could say, on my wood runs.  Aren't his ears lovely?

And here is a wonderful fire with the roiling waves of flames feature that this particular wood stove, the Pacific Endergy claims.  It is quite a display and so warming.  Note the fancy smansy ash can we bought at Princess Auto. 

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