Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Eaton's Bride Doll

In the old photo of me I am ten or eleven.  It is Christmas because I can see the icicles on the tree in the background.  Grinning broadly, I hold an Eaton's Bride Doll in front of me and towards the camera.  She is a typical bride doll, with tight blond curls and a poofy satin dress.  I would find out in short order that the hair could not be combed; so set in curls was the imitation hair that no comb could break into the plasticy strands.  Eventually she would be almost hairless when my baby brother took a pair of scissors to her and then I could see the holes where those strands were anchored. 
I'm told she was what I had asked for that Christmas but I'm a little suspect about that.  I didn't have a lot of interest in dolls and my only interest in them was in making clothes for them.  I always had a shoe box with a needle and thread and a few scraps of cloth trying to fashion something or other for the dolls in the house.  I think my mother saw this special doll in the Eaton's catalogue and wanted her for me, as mothers are want to do.
Thinking about my Bride Doll made me wonder what are the ten and eleven year old girls wanting for Christmas these days. More than likely not a doll, and especially not a bride doll; maybe she would be considered sexist nowadays. I don't know.
The array of toys, the gadgets, the technological things, the items linked to current movies are all mind boggling.
 A friend was saying that girls still get dolls but now it is as much about the accessories... complete wardrobes, toy pets, etc. that you have to buy to go with them. 
  Anyway here is a doll of that time and you can see the hair is similar to what mine had. I was surprised to see how many of these dolls can be bought still today at ebay or etsy.

Vintage 1960s Bride Doll 20 inches Royal-like

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