Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Thinking of Trees as Homes and Lumber

You can't tell from this photo, but this was an extraordinarily large tree we came across a couple of springs ago part way across the path. It must have been taken down by one of the high wind storms we had that winter.  Goodness knows how old this tree would have been.  Hubby thinks most of this land is on its third regrowth since pioneer days but judging by its size and state of dying, this tree would have been pretty old.  It became a goldmine for Hubby in the form of wood for burning that winter; and what a great excuse for him to fire up his new Husquvarna chainsaw.

And here it is later on in the wood shed (yes the one where a number of rescued mice are living) and as you can see some of the largest pieces had to be split by the wood splitter.  This tree had been peppered with holes large and small; I'm guessing many tiny animals and birds had made this dying tree their home over the years. Its' wood was eventually burned warming our house, and the ashes were saved and spread in the flower and vegetable beds the next spring, completing an important life cycle, the unique life cycle of a tree.

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