Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cardinal Cross Stitch

Beginning a new project is always fun. I've had this little kit around for a couple of years and decided this is the time to get it done.  I love cross stitch but I do have a little issue with it.  I have to watch out for eyestrain with all the counting of those tiny holes.  It is also easy to make a mistake; I finally wised up and learned to mark off a grid by drawing a coloured thread through the quandrants on my fabric. This has helped to keep the stitches in their proper place without all the recounting.

This is called the Hope Ornament by Dimensions.  Of course, you know with my admiration of cardinals why this would have caught my eye.

And here it is in my hoop. It is being worked on 14 count Aida and I like how the cardinal has turned out. The reds are pretty and the overall look is certainly one of Christmas.

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