Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Like a Kid Again Colouring and Light Box Talk

I am continuing to work on my Crabapple Hill Studio's Shiny and Brite project.  The colouring has been taking longer than I thought it would.  After three afternoon sessions which is when I have to do it to get the best light, I still have a little more to do.  The cover design and coloured insert that came with my directions looks like the toys haave been coloured with a very light touch; the colours are quite pale.  With my cloth having that small flower motif, I feel I have to go deeper with the colours.  So I am trying to stay even toned throughout but making all the colours a little darker.

At the Start

Further Along

So you can see from these not great photos (sorry) that I am making the colours darker so hopefully they will show up okay especially after the ironing process. I always use a piece of paper towel to rest my colouring hand on to prevent smudging what I have crayoned. I am hoping the tiny flowers that are very white will have an effect like snowflakes in the end.  Fingers crossed.  Now I doubt myself for having set out with this particular white cloth...eeek.

A word or two about light boxes (not to be confused with those used for S.A.D.)

The light box I am using is interesting.  It is very old, about 20 years in fact, and was purchased for a stained glass worker.  It is large as these boxes go and is usually too large for most of my embroidery projects.  But this one pattern required the whole space and it is convenient to be able to not have to draw the design in sections.  And I need all the help I can get!
Light boxes can be purchased in many craft supply stores.  Joann's carries several choices; our Canadian version of Joann's,  Michael's, have a couple of choices as well.  On line catalogue sources such as Herrschners and Mary Maxim also have tracing boxes or light boxes.  Amazon.com provides an array of the same thing, all sizes and  price ranges.  They can be very reasonably priced that's for sure and make it easier than having to trace standing at a window.
 A friend of mine has a glass topped coffee table.  She positions a lamp under it and can trace whatever pattern she wants quite well with that little set-up.

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