Saturday, 13 December 2014

Shiny and Brite from Crabapple Hill Studio

Here is the Dimensions HOPE ornament with just a few more stitches to finish it.  Poor Birdie needs his other foot!  What a great message for the world, especially at Christmas time.
I showed you the wool we found in a basement bureau.  It was in amazingly good condition especially considering it had sat there for over ten years.  It is very fine wool and I looked around the usual sites to find a suitable pattern to make something but nothing tweaked my interest. I've since placed the wool in its own little plastic container and it is happily resting there for another while.
Meanwhile I've decided to begin a project I purchased several years ago from the wonderful Crab Apple Hill Studio; it is a wreath consisting of old fahsioned ornaments and is certainly appropriate stitching for this time of year.  This design is from the amazing Meg Hawkey and is called Shiny and Brite.  I think they ran a little contest at the time to name this particular project and Shiny and Brite won.

This project feeds my fondness for the combination of embroidery and quilting.  Meg chose pinwheels patchwork squares to surround the wreath.  Very pretty.  I have the design on my light box as I write this.  More later.

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