Friday, 3 October 2014

A Little Natural Medicine For What Ails Me

I've been having the identical reaction to something awakening in the woods and remembered this post with a mixture that seemed to help.  Thought I'd repost this one for all to see.

I've been nursing an allergic reaction to something I smelled in the woods one day.  After a long tramp about, I felt a little congested and then suffered violent sneezing.  I've been going through a pattern of runny nose alternating with congestion for a week now but thankfully it has not developed into anything else.  I'm always afraid of a sinus infection which I've had to endure a couple of times and they are not pleasant. I try never to take any over the counter drugs especially not for this which is more of a nuisance than anything else.  

 Here is what I've been sipping and I do think it is helping:-
                                into a large mug of hot water, I mix together

                                2 tsp. honey
                                2 tbsp. vinegar
                                2 tbsp. lemon juice
                                a dash of cinnamon

And here is what I think gave me my reaction:

A form of milkweed and pretty to look at as the large pod opens and the fluffy white seeds begin to disperse. Lots and lots of this white fluff was blowing all around the day I was out and about.  Of course, I have no real way of knowing it is this stuff that I reacted to because the woods are full of smells this time of year.

The wonderful nest builder, the robin in redwork