Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Wonderful 'Read'

This is one of those books I was able to read quickly while enjoying every minute.   Titled Caught and written by Lisa Moore, it lives up to the standard that she has set for all her books.  Lisa has won an astonishing number of awards for the three books she has published so far and deservedly so. 
This book is action packed and very readable, but don't be fooled by that;  there is real literature here.
The story follows a likeable criminal who escapes from prison to undertake a last great heist.  I love heist books and movies and this one is also a very good tale.  But that is not what makes this book such a good one.  Lisa has written such a captivating main character that we relate to him and cheer him on; she makes us want him to win, criminal or not.  There is such wonderful use of language in this book, lots of examples of perfect phrases, and many insightful thoughts; it made me slow down and reread to take them all in. 
Caught has been called a literary adventure.  It has received lots of kudos already from many quarters of the book reviewing world.  All worth it, in my opinion.  I just heard that it is going to be adapted for CBC television; I will be watching for it.