Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mouse Solution...Maybe

Recently I wrote about the conundrum of being an animal lover and yet not liking the idea of mice crawling around my pots and pans.  I had been using the old Victory mouse traps with some success which meant loss of mice life from time to time.  While at Princess Auto lately I looked at all the various mouse traps they offered and decided to try this one for a change.  It is a simple catch and release type and seems like a humane option, a solution to my dilemma, if it worked.  I am happy to report that it has been working. I baited it with a cookie covered in peanut butter and so far one mouse has crawled into the contraption and then been unable to get out.  I guess it must be something like a lobster trap which works on a similar principle.  Hubby has released the mouse far away from the house across the road and we hope it means it won't be trespassing our property again.  But who knows.  Fingers crossed.

Murphy lounging on the guest bed and eyeing me; humouring me while I take her picture.  It is raining today and she is missing her walk; if she could talk she would be begging to go anyway. Maybe later.