Thursday, 30 October 2014

Visual Imagery Tool

If you love beautiful visual imagery, you have to love Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest describes itself as a tool to access visual imagery.

Like millions of others I have a Pinterest account and for me it is because I have a strong love of visual images, ideas, and researching for such.  Signing up is easy; I signed up through my Facebook account. 
 I began looking through Pinterest several years before I began my blog and I love it.  I started out slowly with it and surprise myself when I see just how much I've managed to 'pin'.  I use pinterest in a number of ways.
Just about any topic you can think of has its own category on Pinterest.  Cars, kitchens, books, fish, animals, school work,  the arts, poetry, writing, you name it and there are pages and pages devoted to each. How to do just about anything is there...links to lessons, aps, web sites. 
 I can't say which are my favourites...there are too many to pin down. (No pun intended, :) )
If I'm feeling a little low, I go to Pinterest humour pages and read the quotes or various jokes or scroll the funny pictures, etc.  Perhaps I'm easily amused but I always end up having a laugh and feeling bettter. 
The food, well, I have lots to say about that.  The photos of the food, most with access to the recipes, are endless and marvellous.  Anything I can possibly think of to make, mix or bake is already there with accompanying photos...the word drool comes to mind. I just love scrolling through the seemingly endless array of desserts, cakes, casseroles, meats dishes, etc. etc.
 One of my favourite categories is the needlearts and in particular, hand embroidery.  I have spent so many hours looking through the beautiful work, patterns, web sites, ideas, etc. that others have taken the time to pin.  I have repinned some favourites and enjoy following up with visiting the web sites or blogs. It is always a learning experience.  I have found my way to so many wonderful international sites that I would never have found on my own. I am a pretty good researcher but I have to say Pinterest has greatly widened my information far beyond and so much quicker than I could find things scrolling browsers on my own. 
Photography is also a favourite category with me.  People have pinned such incredible photographs, breathtaking and stunning, images from all over the world, as well as their own backyard.
 I also love the watercolours category for the same reason..what a feast for the eyes these sections are, is all I can say.
A way to find patterns, how to fix, clean or cure just about anything, decorate, save money, books to read, ideas, inspiration or just a laugh, it's all there at Pinterest.
 On my opening page today just in one screens length the general feed included links to

Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash
Seashell and Starfish printables
How to sew an invisible seam
Link to an embroidery pattern book by Mary E. Waring, 1917
Bacon and Pea Macaroni and Cheese

 I'm a big fan.