Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beautiful Bluejays

Bluejays always attract a lot of attention because of their most beautiful blue colour and distinctive markings.  They also are one of the noisiest birds I have around here.  I've watched how they approach the feeder, always a number of them together and they arrive in a commotion of flurry and noise.  The other birds scatter but don't stay away long and in fact, quickly return and comfortably continue pecking around each other on the ground.

To prove that point, here you can see the bluejay and a scavenging chipmunk not bothering each other.  I was a little surprised to see a mourning dove give a small rush at a bluejay one morning and even more surprised to see the bluejay leave.
The bluejay is another monogamous bird and I like how the males not only help to build the nest, but stay to feed the female while she incubates the eggs.
I'm not sure about their migration; we seem to have them around here all winter but in fewer numbers.  I do know they love sunflower seeds; they can clean out a feeder in no time. 

Because bluejays love acorns, they are credited with helping to spread oak trees around the world after the last ice age; a wonderful fact about them.