Sunday, 19 October 2014

Orchid: Not Killed Yet

I am so pleased to report that I have not killed the orchid Hubby gave me last Valentine's Day.  I was afraid that I would and I very nearly did.  After a beautiful blooming period, it seemed to lapse into some kind of withering state that almost ended its existence.  I didn't know what to do but everything I read seemed to indicate the degree of light might have something to do with its slow demise.  So I moved it from the bedroom to the living room and what do you know, it went right back to producing buds which are now opening in turn and providing a beautiful little show again.  I have not given it any fertilizer and it is still just sipping daintily on its requisite three ice cubes a week. 

Here it is in the big bow window which provides lots of light but not much in the way of direct sunlight.  Beside it I have

a small sprig of coleus.  Daughter had a large coleus on her front step for the summer months two years ago and this is a remnant of that.  I am coaxing it along and would love for it to grow into a form of the beautiful plant it came from.  Beside it is something that just sprang up and I think it is some kind of weed.
The gardening focus has switched now to indoor plants; everything with its season.