Sunday, 12 October 2014

Alice Walker's Grace

It is getting on late in the year.

 Funny that because I still think of it as a new year, this 2014.  It seems I  am just becoming accustomed to one year's number, when another is here.  Just as each week starts and before I know it, it is the weekend again.
 Trying to make the most of the time each day affords, I guess, is the goal, now that the work commitments are over.  Though it all may seem mundane, I find myself loving my bit of babysitting, reading, writing, cooking, stitching, walking, and so on.

 I came across this poem by Alice Walker and found the words meaningful to me, especially for this stage of life.

                          Gives me a day
                          Too beautiful
                           I had thought
                          To stay indoors
                           &  yet
                           Washing my dishes
                           My shelves
                           Throwing out
                           The wilted
                           Shrunken garlic
                            I discover
                           I am happy
                           To be inside looking out.
                           This, I think,
                           Is wealth.
                           Just this choosing
                           Of how
                           A beautiful day
                           Is spent.

Perhaps the joy in all the simple things is yours as well.