Friday, 31 October 2014

Three Things You Don't Know About Me


Ever since I came up with this thing about you not knowing me, I can't get Eddie Arnold's song You Don't Know Me  out of my head.  I often suffer from earworms like that but this one is particularly annoying because I don't know the other words. 

 And Just for the record here are three things you don't know about me

1.Whenever I'm alone in the house, I put on music and dance.  I've always loved music and dancing though I'm not great at it.  But when no one can see, who cares.  I just like to keep moving the old body. One of the music channels we get as part of our t.v. cable package is songs that are oldies.  Perfect for an 'oldie' like me.

2.  I read my magazines from back to front.  I've done this for years and thought I was the only one.  I couldn't believe it when I read I'm part of an army of people out there who also enjoy their magazines this way.  In fact, so many of us prefer this backwards first approach, many magazines have been reordered and reorganized to include more items starting in the back.  Just when you think you are unique...

3.  I like to try to speak in accents.  I know, lame, geeky, such a dweeb.  But I can't help it.  After watching Ray and Abs on Ray Donavon, I will use their Boston accent around the house for fun.  I can also do a fairly good Irish accent which I guess comes with the territory of being a Newfoundlander.  I also love the Australian accent; when we watched The Slap last year, I was trying out their take on words for weeks.  In particular, I just love the way they say stressed, kind of like strissed, which almost became the way I pronounced that word for a while. 

 Hubby's favourite accent is the Irish, but then he is half deaf  which once again, might be a really good thing living with me.