Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hosting a Visitor

If it weren't for overnight visitors, certain parts of the house would never get a  good cleaning.  I'm thinking of the back bedroom that houses my elliptical trainer, various craft boxes, several overstuffed bookcases,the ironing board, and other varied household items that have to be housed on this floor.  It also has a double bed for visitors and sometimes one of the dogs enjoys a daytime nap there. It is a shame this room is not used more for people as it has a beautiful large almost floor to ceiling window plus a smaller very long side window with the up shot being you can lie in the bed and have a lovely view of woods and trees from both windows.
Recently we hosted a young family member from England for almost a week and he enjoyed the room very much.  Of course I had my work cut out for me clearing it out beforehand and making a path from the bed to the door for him.  Being fresh from university or uni as he called it, he was easy to please in both the accommodation and food departments which made my job an enjoyable one. 
The days that he was here became a busy time for us as we wanted to show him the best of Ottawa and he came with his own list of things he wanted to do as well.  There was an outing every day and some days a second one.
It was a treat to return to the Parliament Buildings, in particular.  Viewing the Senate hall gave me mixed emotions; it is very stately and beautiful with all the royal reds and the throne for the Queen.  It made me angry to think that people would abuse the privilege of  being a Canadian Senator which some have done in recent years.  The audacity, the greed of it all is such a sad thing. I don't know why, but I always think people will be better behaved and feel disappointed when they don't measure up.   I wonder how they cope after being 'found out';  I know I beat myself up enough over my shortcomings which I suppose are quite miniscule in comparison.  What is the quality of their sleep, I wonder.