Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bird Bath

The front yard bird bath got a lot of use this summer.  At times it was comical to see how many birds of different kinds would be politely lined up wanting to take a dip.  I took many photos but none of them worked; just as I would click a bird would fly off or in and spoil the shot.  The placid morning doves are easy to photograph, though.  I notice the blue jays are still using it for a drink or two. I loved watching them 'have a bath' and kept one pair of binoculars in the living room with the settings permanently trained on the bird bath just for that purpose.  For me, it meant the daily water changings well worth the effort.    

Our Northern Flicker was spotted in the front yard off and on all summer.  And I was pleased to see it too use the bird bath to get a drink several times.  It was much too quick to get a photo though.  How do I know it is the same bird?  I took photos at the start of the season and when I look back, the markings appear identical so I like to think  he is the same one and therefore, ours.