Monday, 6 October 2014

Summer's Signposts Slipping Past

All the signposts of summer have slipped past, the blooms, the bees, many of the birds, the heat of the sun, all so quickly replaced by autumn and its hallmarks...
Most notably the trees which are starting to show these lovely yellows and oranges.

 The Trees to the Left of the House


A close up of the maple leaves trailing along the path today...a little pale sun seemed to illuminate them.  There is an abundance of maple trees on this property, all turning colours and beginning to drop leaves.
At the little roadside market stands, trolleys of pumpkins have arrived.  I just can't help it but they make me feel cheerier; I love pumpkins. We are ankle deep in leaves the minute we step off the driveway.  And on our woods trail, it looks like this... 

                                       A gorgeous carpet, albeit, a noisy, crinkly, crunchy one.

Study nature, love nature,
Stay close to nature.
It will never fail you.

          Frank Lloyd Wright

Even when it gives you an allergic reaction, smile.