Sunday, 5 October 2014

Resting My Head and More Embroidered Ornaments

I woke early this morning with a headache, a very rare occurance for me.  My immediate thought was brain tumour and that for two reasons.  I know they start with a pain out of nowhere just out of the blue, as it were, and I know they are more common  in people who live ( or  in my case) have lived in far northern regions of the world.  So I qualified, but no, an advil later and I am feeling okay though there is still a little inkling of ache on the side of my head.  Hubby failed to take this seriously at all and just smiled one of his very indulgent type older man smiles.
I had a thought that maybe it has to do with the allergy thing I mentioned before.  I was up on the trail for quite a while late afternoon yesterday looking about and taking photos.  There was a light rain at times and lots of dank, woodsy smells.  I came home with cold fingers and damp toes.  Perhaps I should think about not venturing into the woods till the season is done changing. But I would hate having to do that. So...
On the up side, this has given me an excuse to lounge around in fleece wear, binge watch the Duggars,  and think about leftovers for supper.  I had bought buttermilk to make a batch of scones today but I will wait and see how I am feeling later on. 
Meanwhile, my little production of felt ornaments continues.  I am having so much fun with them because you can let your imagination go and experiment with the stitches and embellishments.  I, who always have trouble adhering totally to any pattern, can be as creative as I want with these little works.

Once I'd sorted out needles, embroidering on felt is no problem and in fact, I am enjoying that part of the project. I am stitching in the afternoons to take advantage of the light, and cutting the patterns in the evenings.  So far, I've got myself into a good routine with this.  Fingers crossed my enthusiasm won't diminish before I have used up my supply of felt.