Friday, 17 October 2014

Visiting "Unraveled"

The last two blocks of the redworked birds.  I just loved this project so much and it was such an easy, portable one too.  If only all stitching projects could be like that.
The other day I was in a very special yarn shop, Unraveled, in Merrickville, Ontario.  This shop  takes working with wool to a whole new level.  It carries a stock of wool carders and looms which I had never seen before.  I was fascinated. These were lovely looking, wooden and hand made.  They  carry in store all sorts of tools, just about everything the serious wool fibre artist and knitter could ever want or need.
 The wool section itself, somewhat cordoned and occupying floor to ceiling shelves, was simply out of this world.  I am not a great knitter but I do love the look and feel of yarn.  I think I mentioned before about coming across a soft, mohair type yarn at Michael's and giving it a good fingering.  Well, that would not do in this store because there was a sign expressly asking that you not finger or touch the wool.  So many of the wools are delicate, I suppose.  There were merinos, British wools, Irish wools, mohairs, cashmeres, silks; it just went on and on and so many beautiful colours and shades, I was drooling.  I wouldn't know where to start to actually choose from such a selection.  If I ever have a special project, I know where I will go to get the wool.  This shop has a website which will give you a little idea of what they are all about. 
What a treat to visit such a store.