Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Usefulness of Rainy Days

My two scamps here at the patio door.  They are happy enough outside till they hear me banging around pans in the kitchen, then they want back in.  This is prompted by pure greed as they are after any thing that I might drop on the floor.  And they now seem to know that when I'm in the kitchen there is bound to be something dropping their way.  The only food item they are not too fussy about is lettuce; just about anything else will be gobbled up.

                             The rainy day view from my living room window. 

Rainy days have their usefulness too as they provide great excuses to stay inside and make some real headway on stitching.  Today I got a stew on the go in the slow cooker first thing, did a quick vacuum, fed the fish, fed hubby, changed the bed, then sat and stitched.  I didn't have to feel guilty about missing out on great temperatures or sunshine outside.  Both of which are probably coming to an end soon so have to be savoured.