Saturday, 11 October 2014

Me, the Eccentric

I will admit to a narrow but very deep seam of eccentricity in my make-up.  My love of tights, which I've worn all my life, headbands ( which you either wear or you don't, no in-between I've discovered), blouses tucked into plaid skirts, cardigans, over the shoulder purses, my need to use only certain pens that only write with black ink, my love of anything quaint,  the list goes on.  But mostly I think it comes through in the way I pepper my speech with old sayings or odd bits of poetry or some lyric from a song. These references are very much with me and it seems I can't stop myself from saying them out loud, even when I know it will make me sound nerdy or sad.  
Hubby adds to this list the way I will drone (my word not his) on about some oddball topic like creatures that metamorphasize or why insects will eventually rule the planet or what it was like for Jackie, Rosalyn, or Nancy in the White House, and especially anything to do with health matters.  I seem to be especially passionate about sharing my knowledge about anything to do with medicine, he says. 
Yes, it seems I could give a short speech on many topics, most of them off-the-wall ones with a very limited interested audience. Poor hubby, he gets to be my audience most of the time, willing or not.  But then he is quite deaf and does not wear his hearing aids around the house so maybe that's another thing that makes us a good match. 
 This tree was brilliant  yellow while everything else was still very green. It stood out so beautifully and I wish I could have photographed it to show that....