Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Multiplying Mice, But Oh So Cute

Another mouse in a trap under the kitchen sink this morning.  With the overnight temperatures dropping, this is the season when they venture inside for warmth.  They are turning up in lots of odd little places this year.  I put my foot into my rubber boot the other morning and felt something; I'd been warned to check boots left in the garage because snakes had been surprised in them before, but forgot that warning.  When I dumped out the boot, it contained the familiar chewed up paper towel and lots of sunflower seed shells; it had housed a mouse at some point during the summer.  I have a little mouse caught on camera.  I was refilling the front bird feeder when this little guy caught my eye in the grass...

 It was a tiny mouse  chewing away unconcerned that I was standing above him.

A little better picture of him. Enough that I could see he doesn't look like the mice I have caught in the kitchen.  They are usually white with brown colouring.  This little guy is a very soft shade of gray.

Eventually he sensed my presence and decided to leave, here scrambling across the bottom of the birch tree.  I got a good look at his ears and have been using this photo to make a couple of sketches for possible embroidery use.  Also I was amazed by how the birch looked up close in this photo; beautiful.

Now thinking he was completely hidden I suppose.

I was concerned for him because he didn't seem to be as aware of a possible predator as he should have been.  He eventually disappeared into a hole between the concrete steps and the house, a hole I've seen a chipmunk use.  If they were to meet, I wonder what would happen.
Hubby once again pointed out my conflict of interest in all of this, to be concerned about a mouse's well being while putting down traps in the kitchen.  Yes, I guess it is complicated at that.