Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Snowflakes On Felt

My embroidered felt ornaments have widened to include more themes.  Besides the birds and snowmen, I have worked out a design for a simple snowflake. This took longer to figure out than you would think.  I remember well years ago learning how to fold white paper and make little cuts through the layers, then unfold, and voila, a snowflake.
 I tried that at first as a template but realized quickly that you make too many turns and openings that way.  You might be able to use such a design on fabric but the felt was too thick and stiff.  I saw a video on Youtube where someone was showing children how to draw a snowflake by starting with drawing straight lines crisscrossing.  That video and  a bit more experimenting led me me to this design.  I like how colourful they are but I'm still unsure about the spokes on the ends.  I see bird's feet when I look at them.
I'm thinking about decorating them with a few small beads and maybe then they will be more snow like.