Wednesday, 29 October 2014

You Don't Know Me

Oh, I know all about you now, someone I know said to me recently. What do you mean, says I.  Well I read your blog every day, so I know all about you.
What an interesting thought.  That someone could know me by what I put in my daily blog.  My trail-walking with the dogs, my busy stitching fingers, my attempts to cook and bake in the kitchen, the books I'm reading, my efforts to label the bits of nature I come across.  Come to think of it, I guess that is a lot to know about me.  I reckon these things account for quite a lot of my day so yes perhaps I am 'known' by following my blog, come to think of it.
I had thought of a blog as a bit like the reference to only tell about 10% of your life with a whopping 90% still hidden.  But it seems really my life is a bit of an open book and perhaps this equation for me should be reversed.
In my blog, I prefer to talk about myself mostly with the odd reference to Hubby.  I have reassured the people around me that I won't write about anything that refers to them without checking with them first.
 Blogs can share what could be considered highly personal information that's for sure.  Some people have gained a lot of spiritual and mental support by blogging candidly about personal challenges, for instance.  Those bloggers are thankful for the avenue that a blog provides and grateful for the feedback such disclosure can elicit. I say good for them if it helps them get through.
It is an interesting thought though, in this age of personal sharing and over sharing, what is too much.  On Facebook, some of my friends share their daily movements, spats with each other, romantic encounters, political persuasions, religious beliefs, illnesses; all varying degrees of  personal information posted for their friends to follow; sometimes something will be TMI in my opinion.
 What is too much information to have "out there"; who really cares anymore anyway; I guess it's whatever your own comfort zone will allow.