Monday, 20 October 2014

Wrinkled Reflection and More Embroidered Birds

Hubby has one of those faces that just can't hold any more wrinkles.  The way he tells it he woke up one morning and there they were.  Being ginger fading to blond meant the sun was always an enemy and these days he can't venture out without sunscreen.  But that is to ward off skin cancer and doesn't do anything for wrinkles. Sometimes he can't reconcile the present day 'man in the mirror' with the one who used to look back at him.  Not that he complains as such; it is all part of growing older and he well knows the truth of the old saying,' thank goodness I'm aging; if not I'd be dead.'

 My fingers have been busily stitching.  Here are some of the birds I've been sewing.  Such a simple pattern and lots of opportunities to embellish each in a unique way.  I can see now that no two I make will be alike.  I don't know what that says about me, that I just can't seem to follow along with a pattern.  I'd gain in speed that way and have more to show for my time.  But maybe it would not be as interesting to me.